About Us

From the kitchens of James Beard Award Winning Chefs to local farmers markets — and even major breweries — Endless Sun Farms has established itself as a staple in the Triangle’s blossoming food scene.

We’re combatting growing environmental concerns and declining food quality with commercial-scale hydroponic greenhouses that enable us to produce the highest quality vegetables in urban areas where conditions wouldn’t typically be favorable for farming.

This hyper-local and sustainable approach to agriculture not only means preserving our planet’s precious resources, but also means we’re able to grow the freshest produce possible in an amazingly close proximity to our customers — translating into consistently fresh product for you.

Our Products

All of our produce is sold with the roots attached so it stays fresher for longer. Our produce often gets into your hands the day we harvest.



This “king of herbs” has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years and is treasured for its aromatic qualities. Grown hydroponically and without harmful chemicals, our basil is a cleaner and fresher alternative that requires less washing while intact roots help extend shelf life.



From Butterhead to our Baby Leaf Blend, lettuces are one of our most popular offerings and can be found everywhere from farmers markets to the Triangle’s highest-rated restaurants. Our scientific approach to plant nutrition means flavor is never compromised and quality is always consistent.



Small, succulent and serving up powerful flavor — our microgreens are available year-round to transform your marquee dishes from everyday to gourmet. A quick growing cycle contributes to constant freshness while a protected environment means a high-quality, clean product in a compact, yet highly nutritious package.

Our Story

Unsatisfied with grocery shelves stocked with “fresh” lettuces shipped from across the country, Raleigh-natives and long-time pals Chase Werner and Matt Spitzer developed a vision for locally, sustainably grown produce that could be available all year long.

This vision has become a reality and the two childhood friends have grown their hydroponic operations from their own backyards to yours — serving up nearly 20 years of horticulture and business experience all within throwing distance of downtown Raleigh’s urban landscape.

Chase and Matt cannot thank Raleigh City Farm enough for supporting their mission. The nonprofit provides valuable opportunities for urban farms and farm entrepreneurs to strengthen sustainable, healthy food systems within concrete constraints. Endless Sun Farms was one of the first to partner with Raleigh City Farm and continues to run on the same principles — love for local produce and the planet — and we hope that passion shines through with every basil plant and head of lettuce we grow.

Our Farms

Endless Sun Farms operates two commercial-scale hydroponic greenhouses in the heart of Raleigh to ensure close proximity to our customers. These automated greenhouses combine a scientific approach to customized plant nutrition with integrated pest management and organic control methods so quality is never compromised.

Through our greenhouses, we’re able to support year-round production of your favorite products while our hydroponic model means only a fraction of water is used compared to traditional soil-based farming techniques. Additionally, our hydroponic farms emit zero harmful runoff to help preserve the urban areas in which we operate, and we harvest rainwater whenever possible so we can pass the savings onto our customers.

The success of our innovative urban agriculture model is creating waves across the state and we’re currently partnered with some of the largest universities (including NC State’s renowned College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) to share our research and knowledge with some of the brightest minds fighting global food scarcity and ecological decline.

Where To Buy

  • Raleigh:
  • Poole’s
  • Whiskey Kitchen
  • Standard Foods
  • Raleigh Provisions
  • Bittersweet
  • Yellow Dog
  • Fullsteam Brewery
  • Raleigh Times
  • Humble Pie
  • Plates Kitchen
  • Gravy
  • Buku
  • Trophy Pizza & Brewing
  • State of Beer
  • Garland
  • Vinnie’s Steakhouse & Tavern
  • St. Roch Fine Oysters + Bar
  • Rye
  • Fiction Kitchen
  • Capital Club 16
  • BREW
  • Durham:
  • Nana’s
  • Pizzeria Toro
  • The Durham

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